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Monday, October 24, 2005
Of UPS's and Procrastination
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A letter I wrote to Kim today, pretty much sums up my day.

At about 11 AM this morning, Reborn (, the new DNS cache for the ModPlug box as of... what was it, Saturday?... and my entire network, failed. It was clearly due to a power blink that the UPS that it was on couldn't handle. I've been meaning to replace it and... well, this moved my hand so to speak.

I got home at 12 to reboot the servers. I noticed Reborn acting a bit weird, the power supply started and stopped. I didn't have time to look into though as I was on my lunch, and just figured everything was fine.

About 2:30, I got bored at work and started working on OSMusic. I couldn't, though, because it kept erroring out. Apparently, I was using an old server name for the SQL Server. No biggie, just replaced the names with good ol'

Turns out it was able to resolve that old name on Reborn - while it was up. I came home to it powered off. Pressed the power button, nothing. Replaced the power supply a couple times, nothing.

So, I reluctantly (yeah right) drove down to Micro Center and picked up a mobo and Athlon processor along with a gig of memory and a new power supply. Got home, replaced all the parts, and after messing up the floppy drive connector (I always do that), I got it working again.

Another thing I picked up while at Micro Center was a bigger, badder UPS. This thing now handles all 3 servers, both the hub and the router, the external hard drive for OSMusic.Net, and my monitor, all without overloading (we'll see about that when my 22" comes in Thursday), while my personal UPS handles just my computer and my MAME external. The one that used to be on the servers? It's now doing something it's own speed - it's on a lone switch by itself next to the wall jack to the outside world. I think it can handle that, at least.

What does this mean? More power continuity. Power blinks should not do anything to this network anymore, which has been a real problem here where I live. Now that I have paid the price for not doing this before, more stability should finally be in the future for the network.

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