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Thursday, May 18, 2006
Another Long Night
Posted: 1:15:00 AM 0 comments
I knew the night was going to get off to a bad start when I didn't even get sat down in front of the computer until 7 o'clock. It wasn't for a bad reason, though. Saurin called, discussing some possible projects (as if I don't have enough, see last night's post for details on that) that might be on the horizon if I'm interested.

But despite chatting for about a half an hour after work, I decided to open up Pwned Print to play around with the interface. I open Visual Studio.Net, and it opens up a few code screens. Then it tries to open a designer and dies.

Uh oh.

I spent the next half hour trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with my computer. I did a chkdsk on the hard drive that contains the source code, as that drive was known to be bad at one point (don't worry, all the code is in Source Safe and backed up twice onto Reborn), and it returned fine. I had serious thoughts of starting on that reinstallation I've been toying with before I had an idea. I opened up BOINC and suspended it. As soon as I did that, everything worked perfectly. What the heck is going on between Visual Studio and a BOINC application that causes Visual Studio to lock up? I hate it when applications don't play nice with others.

No problem, 7:30 rolls around and Kathy's up and about. I get started playing around in the code and my personal BlackBerry goes off. There's email that I have to attend to, and by the time I finish up with that, it's 11. I work another half hour, then Kathy messages me because she has no money to get any food, so I had to feed her.

12:30, I sit down for the last time, and after another half hour of work and I've at least got half of my daily goal done. Seems to be my standard since starting these projects, I can't get more done than half of what I expected to.

I was supposed to work on the roncli Productions site launch, but never got close to touching it. Here it is almost quarter after one, and quite frankly, after being up for 18 hours, I'm more than ready for bed.

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