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Friday, March 02, 2007
Leg Cramps
Posted: 9:52:00 AM 0 comments
When I said I wanted to have more stuff to post, this is NOT what I was looking for.

Anyway, after a long night of work on the rack (more on that in a subsequent post), I got to bed finally at about 4:30 for a short night of sleep. Little did I know how short it was going to be, because at 6:30, with no warning, I went from sound asleep to screaming in pain.

What happened? My right calf muscle tensed up incredibly tight to the point of severe pain. It was all I could do to massage the calf muscle to lessen the pain to the point where it was at least tolerable. I was sleeping, and have absolutely no idea what caused this, but it hurt like hell.

Kathy, who was at work at the time, suggested it was some kind of charlie horse, but I can't be sure. Massage and stretch was all I did until she got home, about 7:15. We start discussing what happened, and then...

My left calf must've been jealous, because it started tensing, again to the point of pain! I was just sitting up, still massaging the right leg, doing nothing with the left leg at all. Kathy was shocked to hear me scream as I quickly massaged the leg, again to the point where the pain was tolerable.

Absolute craziness. I have no idea what happened. At 8:30, I decide to try and walk, and at first it wasn't happening, but as I tried some more, I realized I had to loosen the muscles up some more. Eventually, it did get to the point where I could walk again, so I chanced a shower, and finally went into work.

But don't ask me what caused this, it came out of left field. I just hope it doesn't happen more, else I might need a doctor's visit this weekend.

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