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Monday, July 28, 2008
The Joys of Being a Guild Master
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As many of you have either been told or otherwise found out, I run a guild in World of Warcraft on Korialstrasz called Six Minutes To Release, a play on the message you receive when you die (6 minutes until release). Solitha helps me run it, and I think that together we do a pretty decent job of it. That's not to say that it doesn't come without it's stresses.

Internet drama is something you can't get away from, no matter how hard you try. Minimizing the effects of it has proven to be an interesting challenge this far. Whether it be two people fighting over something not related to the game, that one player everyone seems to hate, or the player that you wonder when they're going to go emo on you and suddenly bail out of the guild someday.

Then there's making sure everyone is happy with their raiding schedule, which in and of itself is a fun challenge. The people playing alts because we don't have two of three people of a particular class on want to play their mains, so it's hard to balance people's wants with the guild needs. Then what do you do when you're short a few players? PuGing is a great source of finding raiders, but out goal is to be able to run the raids within our guild, and when you're as far out as we are from doing so, finding regular PuGers that know what they are doing can me impossible.

And of course there's running the raids themselves. Our guild had been easily clearing Karazhan for months, and it seems that these last few weeks we've just been unable to focus enough to get full clears. It's difficult to see where things are going wrong sometimes, and that makes running raids particularly frustrating.

The rewarding part is seeing our guild grow, working together better, and starting to see some real progress, both among the players and the guild as a whole.

Black Temple before the patch seems pretty unreasonable at this point, but I think that once we get into 25-man content, we'll start rolling pretty good.

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