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Friday, May 22, 2015
Coding down, content to go
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I am happy to report that 68 months to the day after I first mentioned that I had begun work on the new, I have FINALLY finished coding it. Mind you, it still needs content. It just doesn't need code.

So what the hell took me so long?

First, the project was restarted 4 times. First, it was going to be part of a website solution called Gate. That project was too daunting, so I restarted, focusing on just, and writing it in ASP.Net. Then, I decided I wanted to do it in Node.js, starting it in Express. I ditched the outline of that attempt and restarted it again in the same technologies.

Finally, I discovered Rendr and on May 9th of last year I restarted it one last time. This is the one that stuck.

Scope on the project had changed wildly over these 5+ years, but one thing remained constant and that was the purpose of the site. highlights my interests: music, coding, gaming, and life. With each restart, I continued to narrow focus on what was important to me in a website that shows off these topics. I did a lot of simplification over time, and in the end came up with a website that is ultra personalized for me and my interests, yet easily extensible.

I learned a lot about Rendr and it's moving parts, and contributed in one way or another to about a dozen different open source projects. I even created one not just to help others get started with developing in Rendr, but to get my next websites off to a quick start as well.

So what's left?

  • Blog - I will be converting all of the tags on Blogger and Tumblr to a unified format. Likely Tumblr's format will win, which means I will have to change tags on 400+ Blogger posts. Fun.
  • Music - I need to upload my entire catalog to Soundcloud. My followers are going to get spammed to high hell with my music, and some of it's pretty bad. Hehe.
  • Coding - I am going to launch with my GitHub projects, and I need to do write ups on them. In the case of, I plan on doing a video series for it as well.
  • Gaming - I am usually fairly modest when it comes to my personal projects, but this page? I fucking knocked it out of the park, bitches. From this one hub, you will be able to follow my adventures with the Six Gaming Podcast, and practically track my every move when I play World of Warcraft, Diablo III, League of Legends, Descent, and more. I also need to move my Quadra FAQ over, as well as link to my Descent levels, which now reside on the DMDB.
  • Life - I have many, many pages to create for this part. I plan to put Aries Wing, my Descent fan fiction, online, along with pictures and videos from past vacations. This section needs the most fleshing out, but it is the section I have the most freedom with as well.

This will begin in earnest this weekend. With all that I have coming up, I need to get this out sooner rather than later. I am already nearly 2 months behind my original timeline for 2015, and the calendar is not ticking away any slower. So here's to late nights and lots of asskickery. This site's going to be fun for me to launch.

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