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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Stagnant and frustrated
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Not a whole lot has been going on. I've become pretty stagnant over the last month. That sucks.

Not that I haven't been doing anything, though. Those that have the slightest of a conjecture as to what I've been doing should not be surprised in knowing that I've been kept busy with some new stuff over the past month. The "newness" of it has worn off, so hopefully that means I'll be working on my own stuff again.

Last couple of days has seen me working on a project using .NET with TCP/IP sockets and threading. It's scary the ease with which I understand this stuff, I had a working prototype in a matter of like an hour and a half. But the interesting thing to me is how this project came about in the first place... simply put, frustration with using something similar, and the drive to do it better. Lately, though, more than that has been needed for me to get anything done. Plus, even if I complete this project, I know for a fact that it won't get used. I guess it's more for personal "can I do it" curiosity.

The project I had posted about with the NWS stuff before has stalled entirely. Turns out the guy I was going to be working on it with moved, and it was decided the effort to do it wasn't work it. Of course, he has *since* told me that it might be up and running again... I don't know. Sometimes I feel like I should just work on the project and then one day dump the finished product into his lap and say "do something with this, dammit". Maybe that's what I need to do.

And on a final note of frustration, I decided to process my logs for the first time after three months. What a painfully long and ridiculous process that has turned out to be, I'm going to have to write something that does this for me daily.

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