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Thursday, June 08, 2006
Catching up is hard work
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I made the fatal mistake of not doing any projects this weekend - that's 12 blocks of 2 hours each that I had not completed. My reward for this was spending this entire week playing catch up.

As of this writing, I am still behind an estimated 16 hours, most of it residing in the PwnedCars category, although I did catch up a good 6 hours on one task today, designing a form I thought was going to be hell to design in a relatively short amount of time. I also ran into a stumbling block when working on the roncli Productions forums, not being able to use the DataGrid at a rate of speed I'm accustomed to with classic ASP. But fortunately most of that is out of the way, the only things I am behind on is making a search page for the support section (I'm having an issue with Google AdSense for Search on that one) and forum subscriptions, which I'm not terribly looking forward to.

The good news is that I went ahead and scheduled the rest of the week, leaving nothing but simple-to-accomplish tasks to do through Saturday. Hopefully this will string enough time together to get some of the major tasks I have out of the way. roncli Productions is almost done, although I am having trouble with the Backup software not deleting things again, so I may have to work on that before I officially open roncli Productions for business. Oh, and there's that PayPal thing I keep avoiding...

OSMusic.Net has actually had some excellent progress on the minor changes I've been wanting to make, and hopefully completing the next big thing won't be too far behind. Finally, I am hoping to give Outpost Music the forums that have been largely absent for a couple of months now sometime early next week.

Things are beginning to look up as various projects come to completion, and even though I am behind further than I'd like to be, progress is always a good thing, no matter how slow it may feel.

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