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Friday, July 07, 2006
My Inno
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About the only thing that kept me sane during the punishing process of reinstalling all of my software was my birthday present that I've been meaning to talk about for a while: the Pioneer Inno. This cute little device not only picks up and records XM Satellite Radio, it also serves as an MP3 player. It's not only portable, it hooks up quite nicely to my Audigy, and I get a really strong terrestial signal at and around my apartment. This means when I'm weaving in and out of tall buildings, the signal never misses a beat. Another nice feature is its FM modulator, allowing me to listen on my car's radio.

With my Inno, I've discovered a world of new music. Currently, I'm hooked on Squizz, which beats the crap out of the rock stations we have in Houston. It's uncensored, and it doesn't just play the top stuff. For example, right now I'm listening to Disturbed's cover of "Land of Confusion". Try to find that on the radio.

I also can feed 512 MB of MP3's into it. Needless to say, it's got about a dozen instrumental versions of my music that I sing along to in the car from one place to the other. It may single-handedly get me back into composing again, as I've finished up a Reason version of "Let Me Be the One" just so I could get a decent version of it to sing to.

Price? Just about $320 if you find a nice discount shop on the net. Oh, and tack on another $69 for the car kit... when it comes out. I can't wait for it myself, as I am annoyed as hell when I run the battery down at work and can't use it in the car. Also don't forget the XM monthly subscription.

Bottom line? Well worth it. I thoroughly enjoy what I'm hearing, and haven't been this satisfied with a product since... well, since Google came out with its latest product.

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