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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Round Up
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[Listening to: Nonpoint - The Truth - XM 48 Squizz]

First of all, what the hell's wrong with I had to log in to post this. I hate doing that.

Anyway, since I haven't posted in a while, I figured it would do me well to give a round up of what's been happening.

  • Stress was the topic of September's sole post. Work's still stressful, but I haven't let it get to me like I did then. It matters not, I doubt I'll have this stress come November.

  • My projects are on hold. All of them. I realized that I've overstepped myself, and now must take care to make certain I don't let my involvement with more important projects that aren't mine don't slip any.

  • Speaking of new projects, I got a nice Compaq Prolient DL380 G2 today to become the 7th server added to the apartment. I call it "Amused". Don't ask.

  • I've repriced the phase 1 upgrades to my home network I want to make. Amazingly, the prices got a lot better. But that's because I removed the redundant power supplies from the 4U's because the phase 1 upgrade isn't to do anything other than get the servers together. I'm not going to go all out. Come phase 2, I'll be buying all new servers. Back to the point, I dropped the price of my phase 1 server upgrade from nearly $4,000 to just under $1,600. Not bad. My phase 1 workstation upgrade went from over $3,500 to under $2,200. Not as good, but not bad there, either. Of course, my phase 1 workstation upgrade involves me buying lots and lots of music equipment, as that's really where I'm going with it.

Finally, a link to drop. My sister is the lead singer of If Paige Wins, an alternative rock band out of Buffalo, NY. The website doesn't have much yet, but you can listen to the band's music. It is really good, she sounds like a cross between Amy Lee, Sarah McLachlan, and Alanis Morissette.

Hopefully I won't keep to myself as much as I have, I really don't like neglecting this blog, it's the only place I get to consistantly communicate with a lot of you. So, until next time.

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