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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Network Upgrades
Posted: 11:04:00 AM 0 comments
Over the past couple of weeks, I have been buying a lot of computer equipment, including a 28U rack, a 6U battery backup solution, and lots of rack cases. Yes, it's the first phase of the server upgrades!

I should have the first incarnation of the setup online and functional tonight or tomorrow night, depending on how fast I work. This will not include the two Linux machines Modplug and Reborn, because Itox's Black Ox II case is impossible to find. When I do find a pair of them, I will be adding them as well.

The major change to the structure of the network is going to be the addition of Successor, my old desktop computer, to the mix. It will remain running Windows XP Pro, but I will be installing IIS on there and having it connect to Understudy for things such as SQL Server and other fun stuff. Eventually Understudy is going to be pulled off of the external network, with Successor taking its place.

I can do this because I now have Ox, my new desktop running Windows Vista. Vista has its quirks but overall I'm pretty happy with how it's running. It's also in a Black Ox server case, because eventually that will get to go in a smaller rack along with a bunch of music gear. Kathy's also got a new computer with almost the same specs as mine, except I threw a basic Audigy in hers, and she's got a regular desktop case. 3.4 GHz Pentium D, 2 GB of RAM, 160 GB hard drive space, it's wonderfully fast.

What's in the server rack? From the bottom up, I've got an APC 3U battery backup, and a 3U add on module to keep the power running. Apparently, it's going to be able to handle the load I'm going to put on it, plus have enough juice to run more than an hour should the power ever go out, a constant issue in the summer with the thunderstorms the Houston area gets. On top of that is Amused, the 2U HP server that's running Saurin's project. On top of that will be Successor and Understudy, both in their new Black Ox cases, which will fill out the bottom 16U of space. The top 12U will go to a pair of Dell switches, and eventually Modplug and Reborn once they get new cases, leaving me with just 3U leftover.

The fun stuff has been getting this actually into the rack. The battery backup system weighs in at 350 pounds! I had to get professional movers to get it up from the leasing office to the apartment, and then I had to take the batteries out to even hope to get the units off of the ground. The servers are now 45 pounds each, and the HP machine is upwards of 60. There's my workout for the year.

Once I get everything installed, I'll get a snap of the rack online. I've been having quite a bit of fun putting this one together.



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