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Monday, March 05, 2007
Server update
Posted: 11:16:00 AM 0 comments
Well, all the servers are finally back up and running. I simply put everything back on the crappy UPS's they were originally on - or in the case of Amused, back on the surge protector - and fired it all back up. Until I can get an adaptor for the 5-20, this will be the setup. Coincidentally, the product I'm looking at is the ADP-1520 by Furman.

Amused got formatted and is running Fedora Core 6. This should help Saurin get his project going again. He's tried to get me back on the project, but I don't know. The level of frustration I was having still grates at me at times, and I'm not sure I could step back into that any time soon. It's far, far too late in the development process for anything to seriously change, which means I'd have to accept it for what it is, and what it is doesn't excite me. Why work on something that's not fun?

That said, I'm still going to host the project for as long as the hosting is wanted, and as soon as that final part's in, it too will be on battery backup, and then I can give the UPS to Kathy for her new machine, something that she needs.

The last two cases still haven't shipped. I ordered them on Tuesday of last week, yet the order still shows "Pending Approval". What is it with these Itox cases that everyone seems to have them, but when it comes to actually placing the order, they seem to vanish? I have had at least 6 cases vanish in this way. I know they exist because I have 3, but 3 for 9 is a bad track record. They are also very hard to find, and I may be forced to order these from Itox themselves at a cost of 3 to 4 times what I'm paying now. Hopefully, this order will ship.

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