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Sunday, June 17, 2007
Trax in Space is back
Posted: 7:17:00 PM 0 comments
Trax in Space made its return to the Internet today, although they're still in the early testing phases of the site. Only a couple beta keys were handed out, with the purpose being that these early testers can find the things that are really really broke. Like file uploading. Songs uploads error out, and pictures only upload on Firefox.

Aside from that, the look and feel is a lot simpler than the original TiS ever was. When you sign in, you are presented with a menu list. If you've ever seen OSMusic's user access menu, TiS's is way simpler. Gone are the cliche cartoon faces that adorned TiS in its prime, the effect they are going for here is definitely one of simplicity. The artist profile is not as extensive as it was on TiS, but there's still plenty to fill out for those who wish to make a complete profile. The reviewing section is a bit disorganized, but that'll be fixed with time I'm sure.

An interesting feature is something called the BalancedReview System.

The BalancedReview System is Trax In Space's pioneering review platform. The system uses a proprietary prioritization and filtering mechanism to determine which songs a reviewer should review. The system is designed to give opporunity to all musicians to have their music reviewed by users interested in reviewing their music.

A pretty nebulous description, but given the information you have to fill out when you become a reviewer looks a lot like what you had to provide on the old Trax in Space site. I suspect that the system is just a fancy name for the same old system, perhaps with a few tweaks invovled.

Trax in Space now boasts a social network, although it's not immediately clear what its full potential is. As things are fixed and songs are added, it'll be easier to see exactly how this can be used.

Also, the charts are back. Ugh... Not sure if I'm happy to see that, but knowing that a charts page is a good draw to a music site such as TiS, it was almost expected.

I'm done with my testing for today, but as I test more I will be posting here, giving my feedback. So far it's too early to tell if TiS will regain the buzz that it had back in the day, but one thing's for certain: TiS is back.



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