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Friday, November 04, 2005
Another Late Night
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Seems sleep avoids me like the plague. Thank goodness I have a job that'll put up with me going in late, or even working from home for a bit. It's been three months, and I am really enjoying the work and the people I work with. The paperwork's a pain to keep up with, though... hopefully we can figure out how to make that go away.

I decided to take a look back over the last year or so and see what I've accomplished. Well, a whole lot of nothing.

Musically, only one song was completed, "Everytime", that was actually "completed" back in October of 2004, but I just didn't have the will to sit down and put it together. Once I finally did, it came out okay. I think I could've done better, though, but I still haven't learned enough about post production to do it.

But that's about it. I've started so many songs AGAIN that I can't keep track of them all. New music is in my head that I can't get out because I just don't have the will to open up Reason or ModPlug and write it. The only stuff I end up doing sounds like... well, "Everytime".

I have planned for a while to pretty much destroy and make it better. However, I haven't had a good spark of imagination as far as what to actually fill the void with.

OSMusic.Net has all but died, despite my occasional bursts of work to try and get something going again. The previous ASP.Net project I mentioned may help with this, but then again, that all depends on whether or not a certain someone's decided to lose concentration and wander off to another idea. (I know you're listening Saurin!)

My work with Google Desktop has been fairly extensive lately, and I've mostly figured out how to get it to work in VB.Net. Despite the minor problem I had with it the other night that forced me to reinstall the program, it's been a great addition to my desktop, worthy of the space it takes up. And to a desktop space junkie who got himself a 22" monitor just so he could see it all, that's saying something. It'll be a while, though, before I'm able to put anything together, as it's either work with an incomplete VB.Net API that I haven't quite figured out yet, slowly learn C#, or use scripting which doesn't support everything I'd like to use.

Cent has been my oddball project. I've learned a great deal about C++ and can actually do stuff without having to look it up anymore. I've also got a handy dandy C++ book that I still need to finish up to help me along, should I need it. The program itself is working out good. I get stuck sometimes, but once I past those points the application works oh so wonderful. I haven't gotten into any 3D Crystal Space programming yet, but I understand the basic concepts and have read a lot about creating content for it. It shouldn't be a stretch to see this project through to completion, it's just going to take a hell of a lot of time to do.

Other things grab my attention every now and again, but usually not for too long. I haven't really been able to concentrate on any one thing, so it's good in a way to have so many projects to keep me going from day to day. Eventually, something will be completed, I hope, and I'll have something to show for all this time I've been seemingly accomplishing nothing.

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