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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Sharing on TiS
Posted: 11:12:00 PM 0 comments
One of the more useful features of Trax in Space as a listener of music is its mini social network. In short, I simply invite someone to be my friend, they accept, and everything that we do on the site is relayed to each other. I see when my friends upload new songs, when they do reviews, when they create playlists, and even when they make new friends. It's a "duh, why haven't we thought of this before" kind of feature.

With friends, you can request that you get reviews from your friends, people that you know and trust will give you a quality review. Yah, I can see that this could be used to inflate a song's popularity. I'm not yet sure how TiS plans on countering that. But the neat thing is that you can also share songs (not necessarily yours), reviews, and even another person's playlist with those on your friends list.

The new TiS will live or die by how much its users take advantage of this social network setting. With the site so young, it's hard to judge whether or not these features are going to get much use, but I can see the potential for this to be something fun, where music lovers will keep coming back to see what's new that their friends are doing on the site.

I don't know if I've noted that the site offers online listening, but it's also worthy to note that the playlist function uses a control that allows a user to listen to songs over and over. I find this neat because you don't have to formally download a song to listen to it, just listen online. It's nothing mind blowing in terms of functionality, but it's another little thing that will keep you going on the site.

These features are aimed at not only being of serious use for the artist, but fun for everyone involved. There are definitely things that need to be ironed out yet, but I'm fairly confident that the TiS team will figure it out.



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