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Friday, November 04, 2005
A story
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It amazes me how history repeats itself sometimes.

Several years ago when I first got involved in the so-called "tracking scene", I got to know quite a number of people through my involvement in Trax in Space. One of them was a musician of incredible caliber, one that I still can only dream of being as good as.

Some people just have a natural talent when it comes to certain things. For him, it was music. Shortly after I heard of him online, I somehow got a last-minute chance to meet him at an airport on a layover stop. We talked, things seemed pretty cool, and we went on our way afterwards.

Time passes, and a side of this guy shows through that really didn't appeal to me. His attitude towards things he didn't like was completely destructive. His criticism was often filled with sharp, hateful words, and it seemed to me that he wouldn't think before opening his mouth. In a hurry, this amazing musician turned into someone I didn't care to know anymore.

Well, of course, this incident didn't even come to mind when I met a couple of people at an airport on a layover a couple years back. It was a friendly meeting with a couple of amazing individuals which has given me a fond, lasting memory.

But time has passed, and things have changed. Slowly, I see the destructive attitude setting in. I watch as the sharp, hateful words fill their criticizm. They have started to speak without realizing what they are saying. What should be simple mistakes that they could easily correct are getting blown out of proportion because of this. Otherwise amazing individuals that excel at what they do, they are rapidly joining the ranks of the aforementioned musician.

It hurts to watch this. Perhaps even more so, knowing that I'm watching it happen again.



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