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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
More TiS Beta News
Posted: 5:45:00 AM 0 comments
So now that I've bored everyone with a sappy entry, I figured it's all due time for a Trax in Space beta update.

- The charts are practically in ruins, twice as useless as the old Trax in Space charts. If you want music from Trax in Space that's interesting to you, find yourself some friends on TiS and check out their playlists. I'm currently running one that contains some of the best songs on Trax in Space. Don't rely on the charts. Hopefully they will change.

- Bugs have been fixed massively. No longer is it every day I log in and report 5 or 6 bugs, perhaps one every few days now.

- Forums, I have heard, are in beta testing, and should be out by the end of the week.

- A new take on reviewer credibility is also being tested. I'm told that's slated for the end of the week, but knowing who's coding them ;) I'd give a working version until the following weekend.

- Music and reviews can now be filtered to "My friends" (Yay! No more midgets or sacks for me!), "My extended friends" (Sadly, there are midgets and sacks there. Apparently what passes for music for some ain't much.), and "All users".

- There has been talk of creating an Artist Advisory Council, where some artists are chosen to represent the artist base in guiding Trax in Space's development future.

- Finally, on the "artists on CRAQ" side of things, a recent change in Trax in Space's "Terms of Service" apparently sparked a bout of paranoia, resulting in at least two artists removing their catalog of music. <sarcasm type="dry"> Yes, thank you for being so bloody paranoid to the point of assuming people are untrustworthy by nature (Hmm, perhaps the first bit of the last post applies here?), and erasing the hard work of people who listened, playlisted, commented, and reviewed your song. Way to go! </sarcasm> Seriously, people. For the love of Chick-Fil-A sweet tea, settle down. Saurin's not out to steal your music. To even think that is so far removed from the point of Trax in Space it borders lunacy.



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