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Monday, July 16, 2007
TiS Beta updates
Posted: 4:54:00 PM 0 comments
Trax in Space released a whole slew of new features recently. Discussions is the primary one, although it took me half an hour to figure out exactly where the discussions were. Turns out that my cache was in full gear, and the old, wide graphics were wrapping the discussions down to a second row, which was conveniently hidden underneath the main panel of each page.

Now you can comment on playlists, discuss songs by attaching them to forum posts, see your play stats and the play stats of others, see what your friends rated a song in relation to you and others, and of note the charts seem to have been tweaked yet again. They are still mainly based on downloads, and I can't seem to get through to Saurin that this is a Bad Thing. I've been arguing with him, and I can already see that it's a losing battle cause he's made up his mind and he's not changing it. Never mind that every site that has had downloads or plays as the primary basis of its charts has had charts that take the person that can promote themselves the most and put them at the top.

I thought that was a lesson learned from TiS1. I guess not.

In any case, Trax in Space is starting to develop its community again, which is good to see. #traxinspace over on EsperNet is starting to fill up with idlers, which is a good sign. I predicted there would be 1,000 songs by the end of July, and there are currently 845. That's 155 songs in 15 days, I'm not sure if the site can finish with that kind of ferocity, but we'll see.

Overall, things are looking up. I wish I could get into reviewing like I had for TiS1, but with my time being as limited as it is and not getting any better, I'll settle for the occasional review.



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