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Current Posts
Friday, September 17, 2010
Successor's Success
Posted: 5:48:00 PM 0 comments
Today, I switched over everything on Understudy to Successor (with the exception of the TiS1 archive, which I will complete this weekend). After a couple of unexpected errors, everything is up and running correctly now.

So the big question now is what to do from here. I have a lot of work I want to get done on Six Minutes, but I would love to redo my home page with Gate. And wouldn't it be nice to get back into the business of making music again?


Friday, September 10, 2010
Successor to the Understudy
Posted: 5:42:00 PM 0 comments
It all started Wednesday night, when I finished the new Six Minutes To Release raid page. All was going well until I actually ran the page on the live server. For some reason, every $.ajax() call was requiring the browser to do some kind of authentication. This is not what I wanted, so I decided to run a test app to see if I could pinpoint where the problem occurs.

I wrote a test app in .Net 4.0, but I didn't have .Net 4.0 registered in IIS on Understudy. I registered it, but had no ASP.Net tab in IIS. Weird. Then I tried opening IE to run some Windows updates, but it wouldn't oblige, shutting down as soon as I started it. One thing led to another, and another, and another. After reverting to IE7, somehow breaking Windows Update, not being able to access the CD-ROM drive in the machine, getting the Administrator account reverted to a temporary profile, running System File Checker to no avail, and having ASP.Net 4.0 fail on me once I got it installed anyway, I gave it. It had become clear that, while the machine was still running SQL Server and IIS okay, the situation was unsalvageable.

So, this weekend I have decided to decommission Understudy as a server and move everything over to Successor. Successor is my new domain controller for the new network I've been running. It already has SQL Server 2008 installed. I've already transfered a number of non-production databases over to that server, and even tested a live one by moving Outpost Music's database to the new server. All's working well so far.

I still need to transfer all the websites, including the VSS database that I absolutely need to get rid of at some point. I've been thinking of installing Team Foundation Server instead of SVN, and this would be a fantastic opportunity to try it out.

So, lots of work ahead of me. Hopefully it'll be smooth and painless, unlike working with Understudy.